Individuals and businesses are using videos in promoting a product, service, or idea. Videos are much engaging and easier to understand. You can even watch a video while doing something else. The explainer video is one of the most used types today. You can express an idea or sell something using it. There are many kinds of explainer videos, but you should use what is suitable and relevant for your needs.

For instance, here are the top 10 most common types you should check out;

Whiteboard Animation

This type of explainer video uses a whiteboard and marker concept. It consists of drawing images and writing texts to explain something. It also includes voice over which matches everything you write or draw. Most start-up businesses are utilizing it, especially on conferences and company meetings.

3d Animation

This one is for commercial and movie purposes. Yet, 3d animation is very expensive. Aside from the high expenses, it is also time-consuming. If you are a startup business with limited budget, this type may not suit your needs.

Live Action

This is very popular to individuals, especially the millennial generation. This type uses real people, then record an explainer video using a camera. Influencers commonly used this type, especially if they are already popular. Usually, it needs a setup and crew to make a live action, but it you can do it alone.

2d Character Animation

Unlike 3d animation, this one requires minimal budget only and easier to make. It suits startup business. 2d character animation uses 2d characters and scenes. Commonly seen in cartoons.

2d Motion Graphics Animation

It is used to explain complicated things and get straightforward. For example, your company is launching a new product. So, by explaining what it can do and the benefits toward it in a video, you can get engagement. There are things you can’t explain through writing, especially if complications occur.

5d Animation

This type seems like a combination of 2d and 3d animation. The budget for this one is in the middle of the two, not too expensive. If you want something 3d, this one will not hurt your budget, but will yield same results.


This type of video is often used for tutorials. It uses screenshots with a narration. It is like a technical walkthrough on how you go through things. It is very easy to make, just a couple of screenshots and voice over will do.


This one uses text to explain something. By the word itself, you are showing texts sequentially. It is also commonly used by startups.

Stop Motion

This type uses images. The images are moving that give an illusion of movements. The images are crafted together to make an informative video. But, it is quite expensive and longer to make. In fact, that is the goal of this explainer video.


This type is for data and figures representation. It consists of images, numbers, text, and statistics. It is useful to present something like sales of the month, budgeting, or anything that consisting of numbers.

Find the type of explainer video that suits your brand’s necessities, budget, timeframe, and target audience.